RFFI holds quarterly training institutes and weekly support groups various locations within the Richmond community.

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Richmond Family and Fatherhood Initiative (RFFI), operating as an Intermediary Organization, RFFI casts vision for Father Engagement, Co-Parenting and Young Male Development programming across Richmond City. RFFI also provides resources; research and capacity support to Richmond City based community partners in order to improve the cooperative parenting relationships between mothers and fathers; and to increase the number of children that have responsible and committed fathers in their lives.

The programs that RFFI sponsors, directly serve as prevention and intervention strategies to instill the base principles of manhood, fatherhood, motherhood and co-parenting. RFFI seeks to foster healthy communication skills to improve the relationships between mothers and fathers to directly assist them in working cooperatively together to raise their children. As part of RFFI's community engagement strategy, RFFI seeks to engage and enroll Churches in the most underserved areas of Richmond to commit to hold quarterly recurring subject specific trainings in their community footprint in the subject areas of Manhood, Fatherhood, Motherhood and Co-Parenting. In addition to the Training Institutes, the Churches have also committed to hold ongoing weekly Fathers Support Groups that utilize the Fatherhood Development Curriculum developed by Dr. Jeffery Johnson and the National Partnership for Community Leadership.

RFFI also has developed an ongoing collaborative partnership with Richmond Department of Social Services and its Fatherhood Initiative, where our agencies jointly sponsor a weekly fathers support groups for Fathers and Teen Fathers. To ensure program curriculum efficacy, RFFI has partnered directly with The National Partnership for Community Leadership (NPCL) which has earned the distinction of providing the only Fatherhood Development Curriculum that has been used in four National Multi-site Demonstration Projects involving fathers. For more information you can look them up at www.npclstrongfamilies.com.

To bring effectiveness to the Commonwealth wide initiative to increase Father Engagement, The Virginia Department of Social Services has chosen to standardize their fatherhood based work across the commonwealth on the National Partnership for Community Leadership's "Fatherhood Development Curriculum" as well.

family2The Fatherhood Institute is creating a community culture by connecting fathers with their families by developing a strategy for healing the city. RFFI believes the healing has to come through the family first, bearing the name, "Family and Fatherhood." This is also the place of calling for a man and to be the father of the family. The primary focus of this institute is to create a place for dad to be engaged with his children, a place for mom and dad to work collectively together, and to agree to a co-parenting arrangement to raise their children together.

The Fathers' Support Group will help you to engage fully, effectively, and responsibly in your children's lives. We will help you build relationships with your children that are healthy, nurturing and consistent.

dad-son1The Fathers' Support Group classes teach the concepts of appropriate expectations, the development of empathy, understanding your child's emotional needs, appropriate parenting roles, as well as how to support appropriate independence in children. Each Fathers' Support Group session is 16 weeks long which includes pre & post assessments for this validated, evidenced based curriculum in order to provide measurable outcome data.

Download this file (Fatherhood-Support-Group-Brochure-1-22-14.pdf)Fatherhood Support Group Brochure[ ]315 kB

mcpiRichmond Family and Fatherhood Initiative (RFFI) in collaboration with Trinity Family Life Center have developed Richmond City's first Motherhood and Co-Parenting Initiative that supports single, divorced and widowed mothers. The Initiative has a special focus on Mothers, who are rearing young males' by providing specialized training and resources to help them navigate the challenges from boyhood to manhood. The Initiative will provide community resources that strengthen parenting skills and family stability by focusing on increasing the active involvement of Fathers in the lives of their children. The initiative will achieve this by facilitating family wellness through innovative programming that leads to the fathers and mothers cooperatively learning to work together to parent their children. Parental cooperation will be encouraged through co-parenting agreements. The initiative is the complimentary program to the RFFI's Responsible Fatherhood Initiative.

The Boyhood to Manhood Rites of Passage Program (BMRP) is a 16 week, 1 hour per week experiential learning program that is highly interactive and focused on preparing boys 13-17 years of age is essential areas of manhood. Based on the principles of life transitions, this program seeks to develop successive generations of men who understand their identity; purpose; and direction for  successful life as a family member, community member, and productive citizen. The BMRP Program is based on seven major initiation rites which are viewed as fundamental to human growth and development. The rites were originally established by African ancestors while they were living in order to link the individual to the community and the community to the broader and more potent spiritual world. Initiation rites are a natural and necessary part of the community, as are arms and legs are a natural extension of the human body. The rites are critical to individual and community development, and it should not be taken for granted that people automatically grow and develop into responsible, family and community oriented adults.