RFFI Program Coordinator Anthony J. Mingo, Sr. traveled to Kansas City, Mo., in June to present at the National Partnership for Community Leadership’s 18th Annual International Fatherhood Conference.

KC conferenceSince 1998, the International Fatherhood Conference has brought visibility and voice to the field of responsible fatherhood through the efforts of practitioners, researchers, and policy makers. This year’s theme, “Strengthening Parenting Relationship Assets To Improve The Well-Being of Children,” grew out of an emerging consensus regarding the importance of both fathers and mothers to the healthy growth and development of children. A growing body research indicates that children fair better on a variety of well-being indicators when both parents are actively involved and engaged in their lives. As part of this focus, Mr. Mingo presented RCHD’s innovative work in engaging mothers in fatherhood programming as well as presenting a learning track “ A Public Health Model: Child Well Being and Family Fragmentation: Solutions for Healthy Families”.  Conference participants were introduced to how the Richmond City Health District, through RFFI, implemented a public health model to strengthen families in the City of Richmond and surrounding counties using the findings from its Cost and Solutions report findings “A Public Health Report: Child Well-Being and Family Fragmentation: Solutions for Healthy Families”.  The purpose of the presentation was to explore evidence-based child welfare policies and practices to safeguard children. RFFI was able to demonstrate that through its use of innovative intervention strategies and programming, engaging stakeholders, mobilizing resources and aligning activities ensured that Richmond is “a city where children experience the benefits of fathers and mothers working cooperatively and responsibly to raise health children”

The 2016 International Fatherhood Conference engaged attendees in discussions and workshops on evidence-based and evidence-informed practices, and, policies and research findings that are leading to advances in the responsible fatherhood field. Conference workshop topics focused on fatherhood and early childhood development; social welfare policy; healthy relationship and marriage education; co-parenting; child support; fatherhood development; motherhood development; re-entry; employment and entrepreneurship; faith-based approaches; state-wide projects and initiatives, youth development, social media, proposal writing and fund raising; and outcome measurement and evaluation. The conference also featured a pre-conference on evaluation of fatherhood programs, speakers and workshop presenters who will share their expertise on effective practices.