Impacted Males
Men and boys, typically ages 10-35 are most likely to benefit from fatherhood-based mentoring and guidance to encourage success and positive lifestyles.

Funding Sources
Foundations, philanthropists, fund-raisers, grant-writers who provide or help facilitate financial support to worthy causes.

Faith-based groups
Churches and ministries whose leaders recognize the need for a restoration of fatherhood and two-parent families in the community.

Community Based Organizations
Individuals and teams who have subject-matter expertise in fathering skills, financial skills, strengthening marriages, family counseling, job skills development, etc.

School board members, administrators, principals and teachers who support positive influence and direction for their "at-risk" student population.

Agencies, judges and legislators who have an interest in overcoming the social and economic challenges of absentee fathers.

Researchers and technical writers who study the issue of fatherlessness, poverty, community development, public health, primary and secondary education, criminal justice, as well as to motivate others to awareness and action.

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