CotinaWant to learn more about RFFI? Then be sure to check out a new YouTube video featuring alumni from our fatherhood and motherhood programs.

In September 2014, 12 mothers and 43 fathers graduated after completing intensive 10-week and 16-week parenting courses facilitated through the RFFI and its community partners. This video captures some of the experiences of just a few of the program alumni, such as 17-year-old Dominique, who completed the motherhood and co-parenting program.

“It helped me learn how to communicate, how to raise my son to be a man,” she said. “It was just helpful in so many ways.”

Many of the participants stressed the benefits of being around other parents, and building strong friendships and networks.

“You find out how to handle different situations better than you normally would just by knowing other fathers, said Wesley, a graduate of the fatherhood program.

“You get to learn so much,” added Cotina, a graduate of the motherhood program. “You get to see how other women interact… you get it from so many different views.”

To hear more from motherhood and fatherhood program alumni talk about their experiences watch below:


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