The Richmond Family & Fatherhood Initiative is dedicated to the vision that "We are a city where children experience the benefits of fathers and mothers working cooperatively and responsibly to raise healthy children."

It is a city-wide initiative involving members of the Richmond community in efforts to reduce the number of births to single parents and increase the percent of Richmond's children raised in two parent homes. Our mission is that the "Richmond Family and Fatherhood Initiative will empower fathers and mothers to improve the well-being of their children by aligning activities, mobilizing resources, advancing public policy and measuring impact." The Initiative focuses on equipping and empowering men and women with essential tools and training for positive lifestyle choices leading to sexual responsibility, self-reliance, and family responsibility.

Research has revealed compelling links between family breakdown and the core social issues facing the community. The breakdown of the family unit is a major contributor to poverty, unresolved anger, hopelessness, abuse and neglect, poorer health outcomes, poorer school performance, crime and violence.

Diminishing relationships between men and women, decline in marriage rates and the absence of fathers working cooperatively to raise their children are major factors explaining these social conditions and poverty in Richmond today.

The City of Richmond has one of the highest rates of births to single mothers in the nation. In 2011, sixty four percent of births in Richmond were to single mothers. To promote an increase of two-parent families and a more nurturing culture for children and parents, solutions must be determined and implemented by all members of the Richmond community.

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Looking for solutions? Read Our Latest Report.

There are both and social and financial costs associated with a high rate of single-parent births and broken families. We've just released our latest Report on Child Wellbeing and Family Fragmentation Solutions for Healthy Families.

READ the report. Tell us what you think; become involved in reshaping Richmond's future.