How to Start a Family Initiative

As part of its mission to serve underserved families, the Family Initiative offers a wide variety of autism and child welfare services. From autism play groups and parent education to community conversations and caregiver training, clinicians at the Family Initiative provide holistic care. Their Family Impact Program supports caregivers. Read on to learn more about the services provided at Family Initiative. This article also includes information on some of the many other resources offered by the organization. If you are planning to start a family initiative, consider one of these tips.

Music Walk

A music walk will be held in downtown Fort Myers on March 31, to help celebrate Autism Acceptance Month. Family Initiative is a nonprofit organization that offers behavioral and clinical programs for children and families. It also advocates within the child welfare system. The organization has adopted a unique approach to care, combining innovative methods with personalized approaches. Last weekend, the organization hosted a corn hole tournament in Fort Myers and organized an Easter egg hunt for children with social skills.

The Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts has commissioned half a dozen new works, arranged for premieres, and hosted a music walk featuring a performance by the St. Louis Symphony. The walk is free, and the public is invited to enjoy the music while strolling downtown. The Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts will also host a free concert at the Egghead installation, located between King Hall and Mrak Hall.

Easter egg hunt

There are several ways to make the Easter egg hunt more fun for the whole family. One way to make the hunt more fun is to create clues that relate to the children’s age and interests. For example, older kids might enjoy solving riddles or hiding ink codes while toddlers and young children may enjoy finding letters to spell their names. A good alternative to the traditional Easter egg hunt is to create an activity for parents to participate in as well.

Another way to encourage families to participate is to make and post an Easter craft on the event’s Facebook page. For instance, instead of finding the Easter egg in your own backyard, you could make one of these Easter baskets with your children. These craft ideas will help the entire family have fun while giving a positive message to children about life. The Town of Brome Lake is encouraging residents to participate in the egg hunt by posting pictures of their kids on a Facebook event page.


The UpTogether family initiative leverages the power of information to provide resources and support to families and communities to move above the poverty line. The UpTogether family initiative is comprised of diverse individuals from diverse backgrounds, who are committed to creating opportunity for their children. The UpTogether community consists of families, caregivers, business owners, and college graduates, among others. Each family is empowered to create their own path to financial wellness and mobility.

Through a digital platform, UpTogether provides access to unrestricted cash to members. It has partnered with over 4,115 families and individuals to raise $120 million. The UpTogether platform is an ideal technical foundation for the #GiveTogetherNow program. Families who are part of the program can access capital, strengthen social networks, and work toward their dreams. The UpTogether platform also allows communities to access financial resources that otherwise would not be available to them.

Futures Without Violence

The Futures Without Violence family initiative focuses on addressing the causes of child abuse and violence and reducing its prevalence. The group is led by left-leaning activist Esta Soler, who was timed in the corner when she protested reading groupings based on perceived proficiency. She was later summoned to class and subsequently left in tears. Esta Soler went on to found Futures Without Violence thirty years ago and has since been one of the driving forces behind the passage of the Violence Against Women Act of 1994.

FUTURES was established in 1982, after the Family Violence Project was founded to change the response of police to domestic violence. The legislation also helped improve court systems, domestic violence shelters, and domestic violence intervention programs. It also supported public education campaigns and other advocacy efforts. Since that time, domestic violence has decreased by 80%. The group has received over $6 million in funding from many organizations, including the Ford Foundation.